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Part II Pledge


Our promise to you

You will be assigned a one-to-one mentor who will work with you from the start of your placement, throughout your Part II preparation and beyond.

As part of our commitment to your development, we will provide you with:

  • Significant involvement on projects across all RIBA Plan of Work stages; to ensure that you receive the appropriate levels of experience and progress to a full job-running role.
  • First-hand experience of a project at the later work stages – of suitable scale and value – to form the basis of your case study
  • A structured Part II preparation course, tailored to suit key topics and support your day-to-day experience, including:

Introduction to the ‘Part II’ competencies and qualification process

Timetable of regular study sessions, led by our Associates and Directors

Access to a comprehensive library of past papers, guidance notes and example submissions

Regular reviews of your case study, PEDR sheets, CV and self evaluation

Thorough review of your examination responses between the exam and interview

A ‘mock’ Part II interview with one (or two!) of the company Directors

Post-qualification appraisal including salary review within 3 months of qualification.

  • Payment of your professional fees for the examination, ARB registration and RIBA subscription, worth over £2,500

At AEW, we provide all of our staff with:

  • Full Revit training and regular BIM / design workshops
  • Competitive salary and ‘on the spot’ reward scheme for exceptional performance.
  • Structured appraisal system including remuneration review
  • Monthly team meetings, staff briefings and practice bulletins.
  • A comprehensive training and CPD programme
  • Full technical library including access to NBS and IHS subscriptions.
  • Regular social events and activities
  • Charity fund-raising and corporate social responsibility commitments.

AEW prides itself on high levels of staff retention with nearly 50% of our current management team having undertaken (and passed!) their Part III with us.

In return, we would like you to:
Work hard
Play hard
Have fun

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