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Casablanca Market Competition

As part of an international design competition, AEW submitted proposals for a street market in Casablanca.

The market was connected via an elegant canopy that provided a majestic backdrop to the market’s eclectic mix of activities and events.  At ground level a logical grid layout allowed people to meander in an organised fashion. The introduction of temporary timber stalls afforded flexibility to the main space, allowing it to be reconfigured for live music, performing arts and table games.  On the upper levels, interconnecting walkways suspended between the main spaces provided a series of routes for users to explore, with the cafe providing a focal point to the markets other elements.  Hot air balloon rides during the course of the day offered stunning views across the city, providing an entertaining attraction and talking point for local people and foreign visitors alike. By night, the balloon is transformed into a distinctive light beacon, announcing the location of the night market from afar.

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