Covanta, EfW


Developing new opportunities with Covanta, a world leader in providing sustainable waste and energy solutions.

Often challenging due to their scale and nature, our stakeholder engagement skills and significant experience with large scale industrial development has been key to understanding this sector.

We have led the design for a new 370,000 tonnes per annum and two stream EfW plant located within the Midpoint 18 business park, Middlewich, Cheshire. Our role included public and statutory consultations, preparation of stage 1 tender drawings and submission of a planning application proposing CHP routes and visual/ecological mitigation areas.

EfW plants are complex engineering projects in themselves but sensitivity in design and architecture helps place these huge structures in the landscape. Using 3D authoring from the outset helps us to develop the design, communicate with stakeholders and ensures coordination amongst the large complex team needed to deliver the project.

Mark Turner BIM Manager, AEW Architects