Bredbury Gateway


We continue to build on our 15+ year relationship with Quorum with the design of a major new employment scheme at Bredbury Gateway, Stockport.

Using our specialist knowledge in master planning and industrial design, our carefully considered proposals respond to the sensitive location of this Green Belt site and the close proximity of existing houses, to deliver a high-quality scheme that will add value to the borough. The proposed 76-acre development site is capable of accommodating up to 1.25million ft² of B2/B8 space, with up to 25 units proposed across site ranging from the largest at 500,000ft² to units of less than 5,000ft² each targeted at smaller local businesses. Great care has been taken to ensure the development will make a positive contribution to the surrounding area. An effective landscaping strategy has been used to integrate the scheme into the existing landscape, with hedges, mature trees and woodland areas retained where possible and enhanced by substantial new planting, particularly to the site perimeter. Public Rights of Way, sustainability, external lighting, security, waste management and vehicular access were also key considerations, which were addressed by the team in the EIA and during the extensive public consultation exercise prior to submission of the Outline Planning application.

This is a massive opportunity for Stockport to grow its economy whilst protecting and creating jobs for local people. Further, this is an opportunity for the Borough to deliver a high-quality logistics and manufacturing park, something it has not been able to do during the last ten years. This is a sector which has experienced significant expansion throughout the UK and Europe.

Paul Cook Quorum