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Published 2024 01
Author Jenny Bosworth

Celebrating 1-year as a B Corp with our Impact Report

We’re marking 1-year as a B Corp with the launch of our first Impact Report. This looks back at our performance over the past 12 months and documents our journey to ensuring positive impacts for all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers and our planet – throughout our operations.

Upon our Certification in December 2022, we demonstrated that we met high standards on factors ranging from employee benefits and customer service to charitable giving and supply chain practices. We scored well above average across all categories and achieved an overall score of 95.3. Despite this success, we considered this score as a benchmark and sought to build upon our performance throughout 2023. Our journey and our progress are documented in our Impact Report.

Peter Bartley, Sustainability Manager has said of the Report:

“It’s been great to take the time to review and report on our performance during our first year as a B Corp. It’s provided us with reassurance that we are making a difference, but we know we are at the beginning of our B Corp journey and look forward to continuing to improve our approach in all areas ahead of our recertification in 2025.”

View our full Impact Report here.

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