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Published 2022 12

Developing the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard

As a business we are striving to deliver more sustainable outcomes across our projects and to demonstrate that the highest standards of sustainability can be commercially achieved. We’re therefore proud to be playing our part in developing the Net Zero Carbon Building Standard (NZCBS) – a single agreed definition and methodology for the industry to determine what constitutes a net zero carbon building.

Our Sustainability Manager Peter Bartley is contributing to the development of the NZCBS, as a member of the Logistics/Warehouses Sector Group. Within this forum, we are using our experience and expertise of carrying out whole life carbon assessments to help inform the development of this exciting and well needed standard.

The NZCBS coalition is now calling on UK built environment industry practitioners to supply operational energy and embodied carbon performance data for their buildings. This will support the development of their evidence base over the coming months.

Firstly, the NZCBS coalition is seeking operational energy data for buildings – specifically in-use consumption data from the best performing existing buildings, and modelled performance data for buildings in design or construction. This data will enable the NZCBS development team to understand what today’s benchmark for energy performance is, and what current and future best practice might look like.

Secondly, the NZCBS team is seeking embodied carbon data from both new construction and retrofit projects. This will enable the NZCBS development team to set out benchmarks for embodied carbon emitted in the construction process of different building types across the UK.

“This project will develop a robust industry-led Net Zero Carbon Building Standard to provide much needed clarity for all stakeholders in the real estate industry and we encourage all our clients and partners to participate in the project.”

– Peter Bartley

Participants are invited to submit data via the Built Environment Carbon Database. The deadline for submitting data is 16th December 2022. For further information and to submit data, visit the NZCB website or contact Peter.

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