Carrington Gateway

Interior Design

Defining HIMOR's vision of 'Future Carrington' to regenerate the 1,660-acre estate, creating a legacy that Carrington and the surrounding communities can be proud of.

    We are appointed by HIMOR on a framework agreement to masterplan, design and deliver all industrial development across the 1,660 acre Future Carrington site. Outline consent for which includes 1,000,000 sqft of employment space across 4 sites, with the potential to deliver up to 2,500,000 sqft in the future.

    The first phase, Carrington Gateway 1 & 2 totals 211,000 sqft of industrial accommodation. The six buildings, ranging from 10,000 to 98,000 sqft, were designed using collaborative 3D models, whilst the innovate use of Virtual Reality helped communicate the concept with the client, the Local Planning Authority and local residents / other Stakeholders as part of an extensive public consultation process.

    We developed a distinctive architectural brand and specification framework, which sets the benchmark for future development across the estate. The design reflects the rural location and plays on the current and past industrial use of the area, with a contemporary agricultural language providing a scalable and flexible aesthetic, supplemented with generous landscape to enhance the setting

    Andrew Rainford Director, AEW Architects