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Published 2024 05
Author Jenny Bosworth

Retrofit Approval in Newton Heath

We are delighted to share that our retrofit proposals for 312 homes in Newton Heath, Manchester have been approved. The project, for Manchester City Council, is seeing us act as both Architect and Retrofit Designer and is our largest Retrofit project to date.

We are working closely with Avro Hollows who are the Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) for the Croydon Drive Estate in Newton Heath. The estate encompasses 312 properties across four high rise blocks – Lancaster, Shackleton, Dobson and Lincoln – and two low rise terraced blocks.

Working closely with the client Manchester City Council and Principal Contractor Casey, we have developed robust proposals which will help Croydon Drive become a 21st Century, model social housing estate. Each block will undergo a PAS2035 compliant Retrofit under the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) route to dramatically improve its energy efficiency and safety. The proposed works include:

  • Installation of new External Wall Insulation (EWI).
  • Thermal upgrade of roof via improved insulation.
  • Upgrade of windows & doors with enhanced, energy efficient replacements with trickle ventilation.
  • New main entrance doors to high rise and new flat entrance doors to low rise blocks.
  • Glazed enclosure of external balconies to high-rises with glazing to create Winter Gardens.

In addition to performance improvements, the project will also see the overall appearance of the buildings and the wider estate enhanced. Our proposals adopt a contemporary aesthetic which will be applied across each block – collectively creating a unique identity for the neighbourhood. The design concept links the sites historic references to plane manufacture and aviation during world war one. Wing like motifs highlight building entrances and a tonal colour palette lift and levitates each block. Each gable end will also feature the name of the building.

Now planning has been approved, we are working towards submitting the scheme for Gateway 2 approval under the Building Safety Act. It is a collaborative and rigorous inspection throughout the design team to demonstrate building regulation compliance and ensure that building and occupant safety are paramount at the design, implementation and occupation of the project. This is the practice’s first Gateway 2 submission.

Croydon Drive is the latest in an increasing portfolio of refurbishment and retrofit commissions we have nationwide. On each we are working with our residential clients to create warm, comfortable, energy efficient homes that meet sustainability aspirations. Please get in touch if you have any projects, we can assist you with.

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