Sale West Masterplan


Collaborating with the community, and client Irwell Valley Homes, to deliver an innovative, inclusive and sustainable masterplan for the Sale West neighbourhood.

    Our work began with a comprehensive analysis of the site, its opportunities and constraints, an in-depth client briefing process and a programme of inclusive stakeholder consultation. We used a range of techniques spanning from traditional workshops and one-to-one interviews, to virtual reality and strategically located QR coded signs linking to digital content.

    We worked in 3D from commencement, ensuring the massing and spatial arrangements of the emerging masterplan could more easily be presented, consulted on and updated.

    The final masterplan creates new homes on previously underutilised land, opens up new access routes for cars, cyclists and pedestrians, as well as better connecting the site to the wider area. A range of housetypes are provided, including three storey properties which provide focal points and maximise space for quality amenity, including play areas, for both the young and the old and seating prioritised by residents to assist their elderly.

    Full planning was granted for 79 new family homes for phase 1 in June 2020, along with outline for a further 184 homes, including age friendly accommodation. The first phase of development is currently under construction.

    We are also looking at possibilities for the existing community centre, working with the community and residents’ groups to provide a new facility.

    We are committed to providing great homes, in good neighbourhoods, and this major regeneration programme will help us to achieve this.

    Sasha Deepwell Chief Executive of Irwell Valley Homes