Canada Street


Working at his previous practice, Director Colin Savage oversaw the refurbishment and remodelling of two empty streets for Manchester Strategic Housing.

    The project included conversion of 8 terraced houses into three accessible family homes for injured veterans, creation of a regional office for Walking with the Wounded with emergency accommodation for four adults and refurbishment of 30 additional properties creating much needed family accommodation. The project was covered by the BBC as part of their DIY SOS series.

    The aim of the project was to create a veterans’ housing community within the existing community in east Manchester, where empty homes had been blighting the area. The north west base for Walking With the Wounded provides a range of advice and support services for veterans and their families.

    The entire street also now benefits from street scene improvements with disabled access and a planting scheme.

    AEW returned as volunteers in the summer of 2018 to give the street a fresh makeover.

    Completed by AEW personnel at previous practice